Leadership. Seriously!?!

Teaching on leadership in youth ministry is sometimes like buying stock in the Green Bay Packers for Canadians, WORTHLESS!

We teach on the character of leadership, leadership traits, develop leadership teams, buy leadership curriculum to take our students through so they can be better leaders. WHY?

Because leadership is the new buzz word in church and I think we drank the Kool-Aid without thinking.

Leadership, in it's essence, is a spiritual gift given by the Holy Spirit from God to his children.

Do you focus as much time, energy, study, preparation, research and conversation with other on any of the other Spiritual Gifts that your youth would have received?

When we give our youth examples of anyone they should look up to we instinctively parade before them "leaders" and 9.5 out of 10 times they are male. Why?

Do we not know any women who lead in the history of Christianity? Where have all the women gone in our stories, in our conversations? Why do we always need to be reminded of the women of faith and not just remember them?

Women who have the spiritual gift of leadership or any of the other spirit gifts for that matter. Start using them as examples as you speak to your youth. Know the history of the women of the Christian faith.

An focus more on the spiritual gifts then on the office that someone holds.

Here's a brief movie clip about a movie that has a female hero in the lead role for the first time in the history of PIXAR. It's time that we start sharing about the female heroes of the Christian faith as well.

by Disney/PIXAR

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